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Prince George’s Horoscope Reading [Exclusive]

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Prince George Biography - Biography

Contact Contact Christopher Resources Here are a list of links to some of my favourite astrological resources. These are good places to find other perspectives on astrology, both East and West. Prince George's Moon is very prominent indeed. The Full Moon usually confers physical attractiveness and likability so we can expect an individual to get noticed more readily than would otherwise be the case.

This is already true with Prince George as he has been born into one of the most famous and well-recognized families on Earth. George's Moon is also more striking because lies so close to the 3rd house cusp. He was born with 3 degrees of sidereal Scorpio rising while is Moon is situated at 4 degrees of Capricorn, just one degree from the equal 3rd house cusp. When planets are positioned close to house cusps they often take on an added strength and prominence in the chart.

The 3rd house is associated with efforts and determination so I would expect George will grow up to be an ambitious and courageous young man who has a natural spirit of adventure. Since the 3rd house is also connected with communication, he will likely be a very effective writer and speaker and may also have an interest in the arts. This artistic connection is also suggested by the presence of Venus, the planet of the arts, in his 10th house in Leo.

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Like the Moon, Venus is also placed near the cusp of its house thus inscribing an added layer of fame and status. But a closer look at the Moon reveals some problems. The Moon is weakened by virtue of its sign dispositor, Saturn being placed in the 12th house with disruptive Rahu. However determined George may be, there is also the possibility that we may be unfocused at times and prone to flights of fancy as plans may not be clearly thought out.

He may be filled with determination but there is a chance he may act without thinking things through. A sense of wild daring can be a good thing in small doses but this chart suggests he may follow his impulses a bit too often. The 8th house aspect from Mars to the Moon is also unhelpful in this regard. While it gives more energy to take action, it can make him somewhat more prone to rash decisions. His Sun is placed in the 9th house at 6 degrees of Cancer. Again, it is quite close to the 9th house cusp so this enhances the Sun's power. The Sun and the 9th house both symbolize the father, so that perhaps is in keeping with the expectations that George's father Prince William will be the King of England.

However, we should note that there is an important affliction to the Sun through the square aspect of Saturn in the 12th house. Saturn-Sun combinations often have a moderating effect on the ego and can sometimes indicate a reserved and introverted person. Despite George's strong sense of personal ambition and determination Moon in 3rd , he may also have to reconcile the desire to move forward with a somewhat insular nature.

And it should be said that an afflicted Sun in the 9th house can mean conflicts and disagreements with authority figures including the father. There is a real possibility that George may not see eye to eye with William on some fundamental issues.

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It is also conceivable that this Saturn influence on the father suggests that even William himself may not enjoy a predictable and smooth transition to the throne when his time comes to replace his father, Charles. But it is more likely that the horoscope indicates that Prince George may have his own ideas about his future. His Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the 12th house suggests he may be drawn to foreign places.

George Alexander Louis horoscope (Kate Middelton & Prince William son)

In fact, his Moon in Capricorn seems to be a very clear symbol of her future importance in his life. Hopefully her gentleness and warmth will help him avoid getting too down or emotionally inhibited — a distinct possibility with this placing, which can make people prone to seriousness and depression.

Chinese Astrology Major Cycles for Prince of Cambridge

His father also happens to share his Cancer sun, suggesting that there will be a similarity in their emotional outlook and approach to life — William was very close to his mother, and may see himself in his son if George turns out to be similar. Highly likely, given that Kate has a very strong Moon in Cancer and was born on the day of a lunar eclipse.

However, many of his natal planets are in signs where they are not traditionally comfortable, including Venus detriment in Virgo , Mars fall in Cancer , Moon in Capricorn detriment so he is not likely to have an easy time of it — expressing himself, especially emotionally is unlikely to come naturally. So in that sense, he may be quite serious and introverted like Charles but relax as he gets older and become more comfortable with himself over time.

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That said, he does have a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. Jupiter is very much exalted in Cancer, so this is a strong placing, one he shares with his great grandmother, the Queen, who has a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. View her chart. Given that Sagittarius forms a large portion of his natal first house, it does seem likely that he will be a very energetic and active child — we have already heard that he is a wriggler with a strong voice.

Perhaps he will share her love of equestrian pursuits? Given the 8 th house placing of these planets, another possibility is that he will play an important role in keeping the legacy of certain deceased relatives alive. Could it be that his life, and hers, are somehow spookily intertwined? Here, we should turn to his Scorpio Ascendant.

Often children with strong Scorpio or 8 th house placements have this uncanny knack of being born very close to the date of the death of another deceased relative, representing a sort of continuity. George, known to his nearest and dearest as Bertie, was born with a stellium of planets, including Venus, Saturn, Uranus and the Moon; all in Scorpio. So clearly, a string connection to some of his ancestors there….

He also had knock knees and was naturally left-handed but was forced to write with his other hand. Such early setbacks can lead to masochistic tendencies in childhood or later life, with people punishing themselves for any physical weaknesses or emotional inadequacies they may feel they have, or which they have been told that they have.

Often, these children will take on psycho-somatic illnesses, sometimes as a way of taking away the suffering of loved ones — these people are highly sensitive, if a bit prickly, no doubt a sort of defence mechanism.

Prince George of Cambridge born; third in line to the British throne

So, could this indicate ill-health in the prince? Possibly, given that his house of health is ruled by Venus, which is in Virgo — the sign very much associated with hypochondriacs and health nuts. Perhaps tonsillitis or constant throat infections might be an issue. Perhaps, like Price Charles, he may also choose to tackle what are deemed controversial or taboo subjects in the arena of public debate. Will he be a playboy like his uncle Harry and great-uncle Andrew then? Venus is also very prominent in his chart, sitting right near the top in the 9 th or 10 th house depending on what house system you use Equal Houses , which again suggests either artistic flair or someone who is a professional loverboy.

Her Majesty the Queen was born very close to the cusp of Aries and Taurus — her Sun is just 00 degrees and 12 minutes in Taurus. Interestingly, like Prince George, she too has a natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, as well as Saturn in Scorpio, which is very prominent on the midheaven, which many astrologers would associate with her absolute dedication to her role as Her Majesty, Queen of England.

Will they share a love of horses and sailing? And will he takes his royal duties as seriously as the Queen does? We will have to wait and see…. Looking at the horoscopes of the British royal family, it is interesting that Leo, the sign most associated with royalty and leadership, with the exception of Prince Charles, who has Leo rising, and the Queen, who has the Moon in Leo, tends to show up mainly in the charts of the second born child and not the heir to the throne.

Bertie also had Jupiter in Leo while his brother Edward had the Descendant but not any planets in Leo — perhaps an indication that he would give his right to the throne away to his younger brother when he abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson. In terms of the history of astrology, the star most associated with royalty is that of Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, which, since ancient times, has been synonymous with kings and noble births.

Giving a certain amount of credence to this idea, medieval astrologers and biographers seem to have assigned to him a 3am birth, which gave him a Leo ascendant. However, with this royal family, Regulus does not have appeared to produce a major signature in the charts of its members, particularly if we look at key former sovereigns going back to , which is considered to be the start of the current line of kings and queens.